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CPE Blue Overhead Protection Isolation Gowns

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  • Available Quantity:
    • 100 / case
  • SPM488335
  • Protection Standards:
    • Meets Impact Penetration and Hydrostatic Pressure Requirements at AAMI Level 3:
      • Impact Penetration: ≤ 1.0g
      • Hydrostatic Pressure: ≥ 50cm
  • Features:
    • Polyethylene Film
      • A single layer of film creates maximum barrier protection against
    • Overhead Neck Closure
      • Allows quick and easy donning and doffing, minimizing contact with harmful fluids
    • Open Back Design
      • Provides enhanced breathability for clinician comfort
    • Thumb loops
      • Keep gown sleeves in place under gloves to protect vulnerable skin from harmful substances and bacteria